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Save on car rental at Gold Coast Airport. Award winning car hire with great service. Great selection of vehicles for hire. No credit card fees when paying online.


70 Appel St Surfers Paradise Qld 4217

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The Best Car Hire Surfers Paradise Experience You Can Ever Get

Explore Gold Coast in an Economy Car Hire!

Ever imagined driving your dream car on the stunning Gold Coast? If yes, then we are here to fulfil it. OCR Australia is a frontrunner in the car rental industry in Australia. We provide the best quality vehicles for hire that you can drive on the stunning Gold Coast. Our passionate Central Surfers Paradise office staff promises a seamless and unforgettable car rental experience.

OCR Australia offers car rental surfers paradise services with unmatched convenience and affordability. Our extensive fleet comprises a gamut of cars, covering fuel-efficient hybrids from late-model vehicles to SUVs. No matter how diverse your needs are, you will find a vehicle that suits your style and preference from our wide collection.

To provide our customers with the best services, we have strategically located offices in Surfers Paradise, Maudsland, Coomera and even near the God Coast Airport. With our extensive network, we are able to provide our customers with easy access and prompt services. Our pricing model is the cherry on the cake. We offer the best deals and unbeatable rental rates, and you can check it all from our online booking platform. What sets us apart is our customer-centric approach and exceptional services that make your experience of driving along the East Coast of Australia unforgettable.

With a comprehensive range of car collections, OCR Australia provides car rental services for every occasion. Nimble small cars for a date, medium-sized vehicles for a family ride, spacious larger cars for special events and versatile people movers for an outing- we have cars for each requirement. If you are seeking adventure with extra powerful and rugged cars, do not worry, we have special SUVs and 4WDs for that too. If you prefer a practical and utility vehicle, our vans and Utes will not let you down. Our extensive collection has something for everyone.

Explore Gold Coast in an Economy Car Hire!

At OCR Australia, we provide services considering the tiniest requirements of our customers. Therefore, we are a rare car rental service provider offering additional facilities like accident insurance, roadside assistance and even baby seats. Our committed team of professionals work round the clock to ensure our client’s safety and peace of mind.

Our car rental surfers paradise network and offices are spread across Australia. You can find all the details on our website. Our friendly team of assistants is just a call away if you need further information. So, are you ready to redefine your experience of car hire surfers paradise? OCR Australia is eager to make the trip memorable for you.

Why Choose Us? Because You Deserve the Best Car Rental Surfers Paradise Services.

Explore Gold Coast in an Economy Car Hire!

Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. OCR Australia car rental services is renowned for providing top-notch car rental surfers paradise services at unbeatable prices. With our team of dedicated assistants, we have been leaving our competitors in the dust for years now. OCR Australia has built a solid reputation for convenient and affordable services that hundreds of its clients have vouched for.

For years, we have worked to ensure you can ride your dream cars without draining your wallet. So, whether you need an adventurous vehicle for a thrilling road trip or a practical car to run everyday errands, we have got you covered. Here is why you can always choose OCR Australia for your varied car needs.

We provide a wide range of vehicles that suit every taste and budget. You can book a self-drive car for as low as $10 per day. For special occasions, you can book our sleek and stylish models that are sure to turn heads wherever you go.
In addition, we provide flexible pick-up and drop-off services that will ensure a completely hassle-free car hire experience. You can book our car hire surfers paradise services online, and our staff will make sure that you get your car from your choice of location at the desired time. After the ride, our team will collect the vehicle from your area for enhanced convenience.
We have a broad range of electric and hybrid car options for environment-conscious clients. OCR Australia thus provide an exhilarating car driving experience without leaving a carbon footprint. We give you the power to positively impact the environment even while you enjoy riding in your dream car.
At OCR Australia, the process of booking a dream car is smooth as a breeze. Our secure PayPal gateway offers multiple payment options so you can pay per your preferred method and embark on an adventure in your dream car.
We go above and beyond to provide our clients with a safe and smooth car hire experience. For those willing to travel with their kids, we provide baby car seats to protect them during the journey. In addition, we take care of minute details to make your car rental experience memorable and safe.
Considering the varied needs of our customers, we provide round-the-clock pick-up and drop-off services. Therefore, with OCR Australia by their side, our clients can plan their schedules seamlessly without the restriction of opening or closing hours. Whether it is an early morning start or a late-night return, we accommodate our client’s needs and provide them with a smooth experience.

So, hit the road in style with OCR Australia. From our extensive fleet, you can choose the ride that suits your budget, style and convenience. Let the adventure begin.


Curious to know more? Glance the FAQs below and pick your desired vehicle for a memorable adventire!
TO Know further, Call 1300 951 782 Today!

For all our vehicles we require a $500 bond be placed on a credit card (NOT Debit card) in the main drivers name, this is placed as a pending transaction (Pre-authorisation) for rentals less than 14 days. You must ensure there are enough available funds on the card when picking up the vehicle, once a pre-authorisation has been held, you will not be able to use that money.

At the end of the rental, the final payment amount will be processed with the unused portion of the pre-authorisation to be released less any applicable charges eg tolls, fuel, damage charges etc. Depending on your bank, the money is usually released within 5-10 working days. OCR will not be held responsible for any incurred overdraft fees or charges.

Additional bond requirements apply to renters residing within 300 kms of the rental location. Please contact our staff for details

The minimum age to hire and drive a vehicle with OCR is 21 years of age (up to 75 years of age due to our insurance policy). All drivers must hold a full (open) unrestricted Drivers Licence of the appropriate class for at least 12 months prior to rental.

Drivers must present with a full, open and current Drivers License issued by the country in which they reside.

If the Drivers License is not in English, an International Driving Permit (in English) or an official translation document must accompany the original license.

Australian Digital Drivers License’s are acceptable subject to verification. Note that a standard photo or copy of a Drivers License can not be used.

All additional drivers must meet the same minimum age and drivers license requirements as the main renter. An Additional Driver charge of $15 / driver will apply. If booking through a third party booking company, please verify with them if any additional rental cover purchased through them remains in effect for drivers other than the one listed.

When returning the vehicle, please ensure the fuel level is Full (unless our pre-paid fuel option has been selected), and the vehicle is in a clean and tidy condition. Any excessive cleaning required to return the vehicle to rentable condition, eg soiling, stains, will be deducted from the security bond.

Rental extensions are welcome, subject to vehicle availability. For this reason, please request rental extensions at the earliest opportunity to avoid disappointment. Rental extensions will be charged at the contracted rate of hire, unless the extension enters into a peak hiring period eg school or public holidays, in which case an increased rate may apply. Please contact our rental staff to enquire.

If you return the vehicle early, you will not be refunded any portion of your payment. This doesn’t detract from your rights as a consumer under applicable consumer protection legislation, including the Australian Consumer Law

We do allow one-way rentals between select locations. Please contact staff on 1300951782 to arrange a one-way rental (fees & charges may apply please consult staff for pricing).

If you receive any traffic infringement during the rental period these will be nominated to you. It is then your responsibility to make payment. Each infringement incurs a $75 administration fee.

Evidence of smoking in our vehicles will subject the renter to a $200 additional cleaning fee, deducted from the security bond.

Please call us as soon as possible if any of your travel plans have changed. If your flight information has been provided with the booking we'll be able to track any delays and update your booking accordingly - however we won't be able to amend the duration of the rental car, the vehicle is still expected to be returned at the original assigned time. Typically, we will hold the vehicle from being re-rented for up to 3 hours, if you have provided contact information, we will attempt to call you before re-assigning the vehicle.

All our rentals include 250 free kms per day. Additional kms are charged at 20c/km, charged at rental return.

The bond or security deposit will be released by OCR up 24 hours following the return of your rental vehicle. This is to ensure time for any toll charges incurred to be processed.

Your bank may take up to an additional 5 working days to reflect this in your account.

Our vehicles are provided with a full tank of fuel. Please ensure they are also returned full unless you have purchased our pre-paid fuel option at pickup or additional refueling surcharges will apply.

Our vehicles are authorised for mainland travel within Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT. They may not be taken to Western Australia, the Northern Territory or Tasmania.

The name of the booking / driver may be changed at pickup, provided the designated hirer/driver meets all existing renter requirements and can present the relevant documents (drivers license, credit card) in their name.

Please note that if you booked through a third party booking company, any additional cover purchased through them may be rendered invalid. We would recommend you contact them directly in this instance.

We have selected offices that offer after hours drop offs, to ensure you’re able to do so please contact us on 1300951782.

Fair Wear and Tear includes Fair Wear and Tear excludes
Dents of no more than 25 mm in diameter (excluding bonnets and roofs) where the paint surface has not been broken and there is no paint removal, paint cracking of flaking. a. hail damage
b. dents of any diameter on bonnets, roofs, wheel arches, style lines,
door sills or door edges;
c. multiple dents within a specific local area regardless of size; or
d. any damage affecting or penetrating the paintwork
Stone chips
Fair Wear and Tear includes Fair Wear and Tear excludes
Isolated stone chips to any panel up to 2 mm in diameter. More than 5 stone chips to an isolated area.
Fair Wear and Tear excludes
Scratches over 25mm length or 1mm wide, or that penetrate to the metal and cannot be polished out
Fair Wear and Tear includes Fair Wear and Tear excludes
a. Scratches/Scrapes under the front bumper that are not visible when standing 2 metres back from the vehicle; or
b. light scuffing or scratches:
i. where there is no paint penetration;
ii. which can be polished out;
c. isolated stone chips up to 2 mm in diameter.
a. any broken paint;
b. multiple scratches of any size;
c. dents of 25 mm in length or more in diameter;
d. any damage to a textured bumper; and multiple stone chips of more than 5 to an isolated area.
Wheels, wheel trims, tyres
Fair Wear and Tear includes Fair Wear and Tear excludes
Light scratches/scuffs to wheel trims ; rub marks to alloy rims that can be polished out a. wheel trims or hubcaps that are cracked, broken, missing, mismatched or not the original wheel trim or hubcap;
b. alloy rims for standard vehicles that are cracked, buckled, gouged or mismatched or not the original rim;
c. alloy rims for prestige and collection vehicles if:
i. scuff mark is more than 20 mm in length;
ii. the alloy rim is cracked, buckled or gouged ; or
iii. the alloy rim is mismatched or not the rim as originally supplied;
d. tyre tread and sidewall damage so that the tyre is unroadworthy e.g. cuts, bulges, gouges and abrasions, tyre misuse e.g. flat spots and burnouts;
e. replacement tyres that differ from those originally supplied
Windscreen, windows, lamps and external mirrors
Fair Wear and Tear excludes:
Scratches, chipping, cracks, holes or damage to:
a. the windscreen;
b. windows;
c. lamps; and
d. external mirror lens, as all such damage may affect the roadworthy status of the vehicle and may subsequently worsen over time from the vehicle continuing to be driven.
Upholstery, floors, carpets, dashboard, fascia, interior trim and vehicle cleanliness
Fair Wear and Tear includes: Fair Wear and Tear excludes:
a. light marks that can be removed by vacuum or general cleaning;
b. light scuffing or smears or regular day to day debris that is removable by general cleaning
a. any permanent damage caused by harsh or corrosive materials;
b. tears, cuts, scratches, holes or burns;
c. any damage to the structure, shape or positioning of a seat;
d. hair from pets;
e. excessive soil, mud or sand (other than from regular day to day use);
f. evidence of smoking in the vehicle;
g. odours or foreign matter; stains or marks that cannot be removed by general cleaning or require steam cleaning.
Keys, accessories and equipment
Fair Wear and Tear includes: Fair Wear and Tear excludes:
Minor cosmetic damage that does not in any way affect the functionality of the keys, accessories or equipment a. loss or damage to keys or remotes;
b. damage caused by incorrect fitting of accessories (snow chains, roof racks);
c. damage to aerials;
d. removal or damage to any item supplied with the vehicle (parcel shelf, tools, spare tyres, wheel trims, hazard triangles, first aid kits, GPS unit)

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