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Gold Coast Airport Domestic Arrivals – Pickup Instructions

Follow our Step-by-step Guide to your Shuttle Bus Pickup Location.

Take advantage of our complimentary airport shuttle bus service to get to our OCR Car Rentals Gold Coast Branch:

After you have collected your luggage please call 1300 951 782

Like to be prepared? Follow our step-by-step guide here to have ready when you arrive.

Step 1

Exit arrivals hall.

Step 2

Turn right towards baggage claim to collect your luggage. Once luggage has been collected, please call us on 1300 951 782 to book your shuttle pick up.

Step 3

Return back past the arrivals hall exit and continue to the far end of the terminal.

Step 4

Continue past the departure queue on your left.

Step 5

Proceed past the check-in area to your left.

Step 6

You are approaching the end of the terminal building. Continue toward the end.

Step 7

Exit the terminal to the Transit Centre.

Step 8

You have arrived at the Transit Centre Meeting Point. Our shuttle will pull into the first available park. During peak times, they may need to use a space slightly further from the building.

Step 9

Our friendly shutttle driver will bring you back to our office approx 10 minutes away.

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