All of our vehicles are registered on our company Linkt account, however we do encourage customers to register the vehicle on your own Linkt account for the duration of the hire period. Alternatively, if you’d prefer we manage and pay all tolls on your behalf we can do so – this will incur a $20 administration fee + the cost of the tolls.

Adding a vehicle to your Linkt account

Ensure you only add the vehicle for the duration of the hire. Add, remove, or update the vehicles on your account online or via the Linkt app following these steps:

Login In

1. Log in to your account -

Select Vehicles

2. Select Vehicles from the menu.

Select Another Vehicles

3. Select Add another vehicle or Remove or Edit your existing vehicle.

  • 1. Tap the My Account tab.

  • 2. Tap Vehicles.

  • 3. Select an existing vehicle and tap edit to update an existing vehicle

  • 4. Or tap Add Vehicle to add another vehicle to your account.

As soon as you've registered your vehicle to your account, you're ready to travel on any toll road in Australia. Any trips will be charged to your account along with a vehicle matching fee if you're travelling without a tag.

If all you need to do is change your licence plate number, you'll need to delete the car and start again by selecting Add another vehicle.

If you've just sold a car, remember to delete it from your account so you’re not paying for someone else’s travel.

Temporary vehicles and hire cars.

If you’re planning on borrowing or hiring a car, you can temporarily add it to your account by setting a start and end time. Once expired, the car will be automatically removed from your account.

For more information and a step by step guide to registering a vehicle (please ensure you only add the vehicle for the hire period) -

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